Risto Ryti SeuraTietoa Risto Rytistä

RISTO RYTI -SEURA, (SOCIETY) is a civic organization founded in 1993. Its purpose is to foster the memory of President Risto Ryti and promote knowledge of his important life´s work as a statesman, economist, and supporter of culture.


RISTO RYTI (1889-1956) was the fifth president of the Republic of Finland, an attorney-at-law, and a long-time governor of the Bank of Finland (1923-1945). He also served the public as a member of the Finnish Parliament and as Minister of Finance. He played a major role during the war years, first as Prime Minister in 1939-1940 and then as President in 1940-1944. After the war, he was convicted in a war-responsibility trial on the basis of post facto legislation.


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